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TAΙ lotion

Body insect repellent
TAΙ lotion

Protects up to 4 hours from
mosquitoes & tiger mosquitoes
& up to 2 hours from flies & ticks

With spray cup valve.

Εντομοαπωθητικό σώματος TAΙ lotion της εταιρίας ΤΑΙ.

Liquid insect repellent body lotion in spray for mosquitoes & tiger mosquito with ICARIDIN 10% (100ml)

Leaves no greasy residue on skin and does not stain clothing during application.

SKU: 999999028



Ideal for adults & children
from 2 years old


Guaranteed composition of products containing the innovative active ingredient ICARIDIN.

With a pleasant and very distinctive fragrance.

Effective protection against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

All our insect repellents and insecticides have national market authorization from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture , while ΤΑΙ new lotion family & kids also have European  authorization under European Regulation BPR (European Union Regulation (EU)528/2012).

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