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Composition & Certifications


Insect repellents & insecticides are necessary to control organisms harmful to human or animal health. The use of insect repellent & insecticide products (which have national or European market authorization approval), provide humans with protection against mosquito bites, which can cause a range of diseases, such as Zika and other similar diseases harmful to humans.

Insecticides & insect repellents may pose risks to humans, animals and the environment due to their inherent properties and the way they are used.

Therefore, it is very necessary to:

“Use insecticides & insect repellents in a safe manner & always read the label and information on each product before use”

Active substances

TAI insecticides & insect repellents contain the advanced active ingredients ICARIDIN, PRALLETHRIN & IR3535.


An effective, active ingredient that keeps mosquitoes & the tiger mosquito away, protecting you and your family. Most insect repellents have an oily texture and do not leave a pleasant feeling on the skin.

In contrast, Icaridin leaves a cool and pleasant texture and does not stain clothing.

Our company uses it in the insect repellent body lotions TAI lotion forte & TAI lotion that come in contact with the skin.


Prallethrin which we mainly use in insecticides products for indoor and outdoor areas, is an advanced active ingredient for effective mosquito control.


The active substance IR3535 is one of the most common active ingredients in insect repellent products.

The active ingredient IR3535® has been used in several insect repellent products in EUROPE for about 30 years.

Our company uses it in the insect repellent lotions TAI new lotion kids & TAI new lotion family for the effective repulsion of mosquitoes (culex spp. Aedes spp. Anopheles spp.).

All our insect repellent and insecticide products have national market authorization from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, while TAI new lotion family & kids also have European market authorization under the European Regulation BPR (European Union Regulation (EU)528/2012).


Our products

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