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TAI new liquid set

Insecticides for indoor areas
TAI new liquid set


30 nights or 240 hours
(for 8 hours per night)


Indoor use
up to 30m3

Liquid insecticide refill with device for mosquitoes & tiger mosquito.



Equipment compatibility

The device is compatible with most spare parts on the market & the liquid refill fits almost all devices of the market.

ΤΑΙ new liquid refill contains the new active ingredient PRALLETHRIN which is an advanced  active ingredient for effective control of mosquitoes & tiger mosquito.

Τα προϊόντα ΤΑΙ δεν περιέχουν αλλεργιογόνα.

No additional allergenic components.
In its composition there are no allergens & no fragrance at all.

Fights & protects
from mosquitoes
&  tiger mosquito.

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