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Top Quality Insect Repellent & Insecticide Products

Λογότυπο του οργανισμού Μαζί με το Παιδί που υποστηρίζεται από την εταιρία ΤΑΙ.

Insect repellents & insecticides

TAI | the honest company’s range of insect repellents & insecticides includes indoor & outdoor products (fis+ mat, mat, liquid set, spiral), body lotion (family & kids’ lotion in spray form) and after bites (with ammonia & menthol) for all kinds of bites.

All our insect repellents and insecticides are of high quality, while our body lotions have been tested and certified by a European Institute dermatological test.


Composition & certifications

TAI’s insect repellent and insecticide products include indoor products: tablets, liquid refill and device(set) and outdoor products: spiral and body lotion for children and adults in spray form as well as after bite with ammonia and menthol. All our insect repellents and insecticides products have national market authorization from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, while ΤΑΙ new lotion family & kids also have European authorization under European Regulation BPR (European Union Regulation (EU)528/2012).

Διακοσμητική εικόνα, κουνούπι.

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Where to buy

You can find us in selected stores & e-shop of the following supermarkets nationwide.

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