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Myths & Truths

MYTH: Can we use insect repellent lotion on children?

TRUTH: ΤΑΙ lotion is suitable for children from 2 years old, while ΤΑΙ new lotion kids with the active ingredient IR3535 is suitable for babies as young as 6 months old.

MYTH: Insect repellent should only be used at night!

TRUTH: All TAI insect repellent body lotions can be used during the day, because remember that mosquitoes are not only active at night!

MYTH: Only after bites with ammonia relieves mosquito bites!

TRUTH: If you don’t want to use ammonia, TAI after bite with menthol is just as effective and provides immediate relief from mosquito bites.

Menthol is a key ingredient in most cosmetic products for immediate relief of severe itching, dryness & sunburn.

It has soothing properties and provides instant relief from bites.

MYTH: Do coils protect against mosquitoes?

TRUTH: TAI new spiral does not contain any allergens and contains the active ingredient PRALLETHRIN. It protects against mosquitoes & midges by burning for up to 8 hours.

MYTH: Insect repellent tablets have a fragrance & their smell is annoying.

TRUTH: Use TAI new fis device with TAI new mat tablet as they are fragrance and allergen free. One tablet is enough for a 40 cubic room for up to 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes & midges.

MYTH: We only use mosquito tablets during the warm months of the year.

TRUTH: 1 tablet is enough to protect you from mosquitoes & midges for up to 8 hours. Protect yourself all year round and especially during the summer months!

TAI new mat tablets are fragrance and allergen free.

MYTH: The itching from bites disappears if you put ice on it.

TRUTH: Use TAI after bite with ammonia for immediate & powerful sting relief, as ammonia effectively soothes irritation caused by jellyfish, bees, mosquitoes, wasps, nettles.

MYTH: I can't spray insect repellent directly on my clothes.

TRUTH: TAI lotion forte & TAI lotion with ICARIDIN, have a unique formula that does not leave stains on clothes and fabrics, while at the same time have a very pleasant and distinctive fragrance!

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