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TAI new lotion family

Body insect repellent
TAΙ new lotion family

Protects for up to 8 hours against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

With a spray cup valve
that sprays upside down.

Εντομοαπωθητικό σώματος TAΙ lotion family της εταιρίας ΤΑΙ.

Liquid insect repellent body lotion in spray against mosquitoes and tiger mosquito with IR 3535 20% (100ml)

SKU: 999999053



Ιδανική για ενήλικεςIdeal for adults and children over 12 months.

With IR3535 20%

Guaranteed product formulation with the innovative active ingredient IR3535.


With a pleasant and very distinctive fragrance.
Its formula does not contain preservatives.

Effectively protects against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

All our insect repellents and insecticides have national market authorization from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture , while ΤΑΙ new lotion family & kids also have European  authorization under European Regulation BPR (European Union Regulation (EU)528/2012).

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