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TAI new fis +10 mat

Insecticides for indoor areas
TAI new fis + 10 mat


8 hours


Indoor use
up to 40m3

Εντομοαπωθητικό χώρου TAI new fis +10 mat της εταιρίας ΤΑΙ.

TAI fis device for Insecticide Tablets

SKU: 999999049

Package contents

1 device for tablets
& 10 tablets free of charge

Device compatibility

The device is compatible
with all tablets
& the tablets
fit almost all devices of
the market.

ΤΑΙ new mat contains the new active ingredient PRALLETHRIN, which is a modern active ingredient for effective control of mosquitoes & midges.

Τα προϊόντα ΤΑΙ δεν περιέχουν αλλεργιογόνα.

No additional allergenic components.

In its composition there are no allergens & no fragrance at all.

Fights & protects against mosquitoes
& midges.

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